We believe in creating meaningful change

What we do is simple, but safe and effective

Our Story

Cleardox is a Danish company based in Copenhagen and was created to meet an urgent need for secure and effective anonymization of sensitive information.

With the support of loyal partners, we have grown into an innovative company with a passionate team working to revolutionize document management, enabling continued more efficient use and sharing of knowledge without compromising security.

Our goal has always been to be able to finish the week and leave the office with peace of mind.
Cleardox team

Oliver, Christoffer and Martin
Our Three Co-Founders

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Cleardox Co-Founders

Our Values


We are dedicated to enhancing the security of sharing sensitive information to avoid critical data leaks. Our commitment to security is comprehensive, ensuring that our customers can be confident in the responsible handling of documents.


At Cleardox, we look beyond GDPR. We understand the human costs that a data breach can entail. We aim to protect fundamental human rights and also recognize the burden that comes with the responsibility of safeguarding these rights. Our ambition has always been that you should be able to leave the office with peace of mind.

Ease of use

Our software is designed with the user at the center, in collaboration with our target audience to meet their needs, focusing on efficient, secure collaboration and user-friendliness. We ensure an intuitive experience and aim to make navigating Cleardox as easy as possible. We strive to keep the number of features to an absolute minimum, always focusing on simplifying work processes.

We believe that human errors are not a failure
But gives us the opportunity to optimize our approach
We aim to be the preferred collaborative partner
And we are therefore continuously working to evaluate and innovate on our value proposition
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