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Get a bespoke compliance solution to identify sensitive information across systems.

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The Challenge

No one is 100% compliant, and when data is shared, errors will happen. By focusing on the important processes, we can avoid serious data breaches.

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Storage of emails

Help your employees avoid storing sensitive content in email inboxes

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Sending emails

Avoid sensitive content getting into the wrong hands

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Knowledge sharing

Prevent sensitive content from being stored in shared archives

Cleardox Scan - to find what's important

Cleardox Scan is for you who want to find and clean up sensitive data across your IT systems and equip your employees to make the right choices.

Identify Sensitive Content

A standard solution tailored to you

Reporting to employees

Integrated with your ecosystem

find sensitive content
Cleardox scan til e-mail

Cleardox Scan - for E-mail

Scan old emails

Scan outgoing emails

Email alerts to employees

Find what you need

Choose from +15 categories

Create your own categories

Combine them to fit your needs

Get insights and know where to act

Customized dashboard

Monitor user behavior

Easy follow up

Screening and anonymization in one solution

Access Cleardox Redact

Combine screening and anonymization

Or use each solution separately


Feel free to contact us so that together we can find the solution that is relevant for you and your organization.

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Systems we integrate with

We wish to make it simple and secure to protect sensitive information. Therefore, we integrate to different solutions, so that work proceeds more fluidly.

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Cleardox Scan can search for sensitive information in text from all common formats.

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“By viewing GDPR as a human right rather than just a law to comply with, the purpose and perspective become more meaningful."

Oliver Fjellvang, CEO

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Cleardox live support team

At Cleardox we offer direct support via the solution.

One case is never the same as the previous one. We know that handling large volumes of documents with others can be a complex process.

That's why our dedicated support team is here to make the process as smooth as possible. We are always ready to assist and find solutions when questions arise along the way.

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Explore Cleardox Academy

If you want to learn more about our different tools, feel free to explore 'Cleardox Academy', where you can gain a deeper understanding of the individual features through video guides and comprehensive descriptions of the workflows.

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