Cleardox is born
with a high level of security

High security is a fundamental condition

We guarantee that the security in and around Cleardox is at a high level, well documented and verified by IT auditors.

Samarbejd nemt med hinanden i Cleardox

Minimize the risk of data leakage when anonymizing with Cleardox

Identifies sensitive information

Automatically removes personalized Metadata

Irreversible anonymization - original content cannot be restored

Cleardox safety structure: original document gets anonymized by removing unique metadata in Cleardox, and becomes a brand new redacted document, that is always irreversible.

Want to know more about our security setup at Cleardox?

We want you to feel comfortable with the choice of Cleardox. At Cleardox we have the opportunity to adapt our security setup to your risk profile. Which setup is right for you depends on various factors. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to hear more.

IP protection?

Single vs. Hard Tenant?

Cloud vs. On-Premise?

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A multi level security structure

Front-end to back-end

Happens via a secure TLS connection

Customer level encryption

Ensures that each customer has their own protected domain in Cleardox

Document Level Encryption

Ensures that each document is protected with its own unique key

Automatic deletion deadlines

All documents in Cleardox are automatically deleted after 30 days

A purely European setup

Our security system complies with European standards

Anonymization is secure and cannot be removed again

ISAE 3000/ISO 27001

Our security implementations are documented in an ISAE 3000 Type II statement with a high degree of security.

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Feel free to contact us so that together we can find the solution that is relevant for you and your organization.

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