Cleardox is built on a team of people with shared values

We are a Danish software company in rapid development with great ambitions to succeed internationally. We believe that the core of success lies in diversity within the team, but with common core values.

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Meet the team behind Cleardox

Linkedin iconTeam image - Oliver Fjellvang, CEO & Co-Founder

Oliver Julius Byrch Fjellvang

CEO & Co-Founder
Oliver has day-to-day responsibilities at Cleardox - his second startup with seven years of experience as an entrepreneur. Previously, he was a management consultant at PwC and led the legal-tech venture at Poul Schmith/Kammeradvokaten for five years, when the idea for Cleardox emerged.
Team image - Christoffer Stougaard Pedersen, CTO & Co-FounderLinkedin icon

Christoffer Stougaard Pedersen

CTO & Co-Founder
Christoffer, our CTO, co-founded Cleardox with Oliver. He has extensive entrepreneurial experience from having worked at CFH-Group, Hopper and CubeIO as well as being a co-founder of Yacc. His technical expertise drives our innovative solutions.
Team image - Martin Bech, Lead software developer & Co-FounderLinkedin icon

Martin Ronning Bech

Lead Software Developer & Co-Founder
Martin is a versatile developer with particular expertise in frontend and PDF technologies. He also has entrepreneurial experience from having worked at DrugStars, Hopper, and CubeIO as well as being a co-founder of Yacc.
Team image - Emilie Eriksen, Branding & Marketing CoordinatorLinkedin icon

Emilie Hampe Eriksen

Branding & Marketing Coordinator
Emilie is our Branding & Marketing Coordinator. She develops our strategies, campaigns, and other concepts that ensure our brand is consistent and engaging across all platforms to elevate Cleardox to new heights.
Team image - Thomas Augsburg, Senior Sales AssociateLinkedin icon

Thomas Augsburg

Senior Sales Associate
Thomas is our dedicated salesman who masters the art of connecting our customers with the right solutions. He understands our product portfolio to the bottom and uses this knowledge to create value for both customers and our company. Thomas has previous experience from having worked at the PFA.
Team image - Jacob Holst, Sales Development RepresentativeLinkedin icon

Jacob Holst Willadsen

Sales Development Representative
Jacob is our enterprising salesman who also understands our product range to the fullest and creates value for both our customers and the company by finding the right solutions for all parties. Jacob has previous experience from having worked at Karnov and Codan respectively.

Meet our developers

Martin and Christoffer lead a dedicated team of developers who are behind the development of the Cleardox software. They continuously work to improve our anonymization solution as well as develop new innovative solutions.

In addition to their development work, Martin and Christoffer also lead our support team, which is available to help users with any challenge they may face. At Cleardox, we value good communication and prioritize personalized guidance so that our users always have the best experience with us.
Cleardox software developers
Image of Oliver Fjellvang, CEO & Co-Founder

“In the future, traditional knowledge sharing in the form of curated content will be obsolete. Cleardox has a vision to make all enterprise data easily and securely accessible so that proprietary data can be applied to large language models such as ChatGPT.”

Oliver Julius Byrch Fjellvang
CEO & Co-Founder