Our open API makes it easy and secure to import and export documents to and from Cleardox without having to download it to your desktop first.

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Systems we integrate with

Thomson Reuters logo

HighQ - Thomson Reuters

Utilize Cleardox for your next data room preparation. Upload documents in bulk directly from HighQ, and save them back to HighQ as a new version or a new document.

Imanage logo


Enables seamless document transfers between Imanage and Cleardox. This integration provides direct document transfers from Imanage to Cleardox and vice versa.

Acadre by Formpipe logo

Acadra - Formpipe

A document management system widely used in public and government sectors. Transfer documents directly from Acadre to Cleardox and back again.

F2 cBrain logo

F2 - cBrain

cBrain provides software solutions to the Danish government. This two-way integration securely and quickly transfer documents between F2 and Cleardox.

sharepoint logo


Many organizations choose this system as their preferred document management solution, making a two-way integration between the systems a natural choice.

microsoft azure logo

Microsoft Azure

Enhance security, simplify user administration and enable Single Sign-On by integrating with Azure. Cleardox also supports other active directories for seamless user management.

Statens IT logo

Government IT (SIT)

Cleardox collaborates with Government IT and seamlessly integrates with various supported Active Directories hosted by SIT.

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Cleardox API

You can easily integrate your systems with Cleardox through our JSON REST API. The API is documented with OpenAPI (Swagger) so Client SDKs can be generated for most programming languages including: JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, C#, Java, PHP, Go and others.

All Cleardox features are available through the API, including:

  • Upload documents, with the ability for a user to review the documents in the Cleardox UI
  • Retrieve the text content of the documents
  • Retrieve and manipulate information to remove in documents
  • Add appendix stamps, page numbers, text, lines and more to PDF's
  • PDF manipulation: collect, split, move pages, anonymize pages, delete pages, etc.
  • Automatic OCR processing of uploaded documents
  • Convert Office documents, images, MSG files and more to PDF
  • Download the anonymised documents

And much more - contact us to view documentation or for further information

1# Basic API usage for uploading document to cleardox.
2# If a user should go through the document they can be redirected to the returned `redirectUrl`.
3# When the user has completed their work in Cleardox:
4# - Optional: A request will be made to `Result-Url` with project info.
5# - Optional: User will be redirected to `Redirect-Url` with project info in query params.
6curl --data-binary "@file.pdf" \
7    -H "Authentication: $TOKEN" \
8    -H "X-Result-Url: $RESULT_URL" \
9    -H "X-Redirect-Url: $REDIRECT_URL" \
10    $CLEARDOX_URL/api/documents/upload
12    "projectId": "...",
13    "redirectUrl": "...",
14    ...

Business Case - cBrain

“With the integration, it has become more secure to use Cleardox' anonymization tool, as the user does not have to download locally. At the same time, the ease of use has been increased, as it saves a lot of clicks for the user.”

Read more about the case
Mads Kragh Bruun - miljøministeriet
Mads Kragh Bruun -
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