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Opdateret: 6. apr. 2020

Knowledge is power. And in today’s world, where information moves at the speed of your Internet connection, knowledge-sharing is critical. But where once knowledge could flow freely through an organisation, GDPR can slow the flow to a crawl.

Your organisation’s knowledge library is one of its biggest assets. And the ability to share that knowledge can play a key role in everything from onboarding new employees at a startup to sharing best practice across a global office network. But now, GDPR requires you to anonymize or redact internal documents for personal information in order to share knowledge with the rest of the organisation. And that takes time.

Whether you’re a lawyer who’s spent hours on a company-wide memo or a government official who’s just finished a detailed report on a proposal for a new law, chances are you want to share your work as quickly as possible, and without spending hours redacting information.

But until now, the process of locating information that can be used to identify a person either directly or indirectly, could only be done manually. In other words, it meant someone trawling through documents looking for personal information and manually blacking out or replacing the information with something else (‘John’ becomes ‘person A’ and so on).

The demanding nature of manual redaction means many organisations simply don’t bother to share documents – to the detriment of the rest of the organisation. In other cases, knowledge is shared without redacting the documents first, putting the organisation at risk of prosecution for failing to comply with GDPR.

Increasingly, organisations are turning to technology to help them make the most of their knowledge library. And at Cleardox, we’re developing a software redaction tool that makes it simple to automatically redact documents. By taking care of all the hard work around redaction, we can free up time for you to focus on actually making the most of your organisation’s hard-won knowledge. We’re looking forward to sharing our journey with you here on our blog. Interested in getting a closer look at our product? Sign up for a demo here.

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