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Anonymize and redact information using Fast Track


With Cleardox you can anonymize your document in two ways: 

1: A-Z anonymization 

2: Via Fast Track 

In this tutorial we will cover, how you can redact and anonymize your document using Fast Track. Fast Track is a speedy way to anonymize and redact your document. 

Fast Track

Fast Track is potentially the fastest way to redact and anonymize a document since you have the option to redact in bulk. This means that you can remove much personal data at once.

With Fast Track you can: 

  • Get an overview of all personal information identified in the document in a dashboard like feature. The information is presented according to category (names, company names, social security numbers etc.). 

  • Anonymize and redact all information in a category with one click. 

  • Easily move personal information from one category to another using the drag and drop feature

Cleardox (7).png

Fast Track is activated by clicking on the Fast Track button in the side panel.


Before you redact and anonymize whole categories at once, it´s a good idea to remove non-relevant entities or remove them to other categories using the drag and drop feature. But don´t worry, you can always change this later.  

Se how it works in our video redaction tool tip

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